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Leonard Jones

Leonard has been involved with worship ministry for 40 years. He was a composition and theory major at FJC for 2 years and at JU for 2 years, with a minor in violin performance. For the last 20 years he has been leading worship at MorningStar ministries and raising up hundreds of worship leaders and musicians there at the school of worship which have spread through out the world. He is accomplished in many styles including but not limited to; jazz, rock, classical, world music.

Leonard left MorningStar in March of 2010 to pursue his vision for a full-blown worship university, with the same degree of excellence as the major music schools of the world. He has begun moving in that direction with the birth of the "Levite praise institute", and" Worship (U)" (Beginning January 2013) It's his belief that worship changes the course of nations and establishes the Kingdom of God on this earth, and he count it the highest honor to worship skillfully on my instruments and voice and to train the next generation to surpass him. He has been married to Marla Jones for 28 years and has 3 adopted mixed race children ages 17, 19 and 22.


Kamran Yaraei 

Karmran is a former Shiite Muslim from Iran, writer, speaker, and television host. After experiencing a powerful introduction to Jesus and His love, Kamran carries a sensitive and intense relationship with God that zeroes in on His heart. He desires to help others discover the simplicity and reality of walking in relationship with a loving God, even through their deep, dark seasons.

Speaking to believers and nonbelievers alike, Kamran is often able to reach past religious and educational barriers to convey God's love in an impactful way. Often people say, "I want to be a friend of God too." As a former Muslim, Kamran carries a special desire to reveal the love of a heavenly father to Muslims.  

Kamran currently ministers to 8-10 million viewers in Iran through his satellite TV show Lessons in Love.

Kamran speaks from his heart connection with God, intertwining his conversion testimony from a Shiite Muslim to a lover of Jesus. His messages and writings are of a poetic style that melt the heart of readers and listeners.

His first book, Food for the Heart, is fast becoming a classic devotional favorite, with 111 life-changing message bites full of hope, faith-building meditations, depth, character, and passion.


Priscilla Zananiri

As a Watchman for the Lord, Priscilla is a woman that has a passion for prayer and a heart for the nations. She has a special desire to see the Arab people won to faith in Jesus Christ. Born in Jordan into a ministry family, she finds herself cultivating the spiritual inheritance that was paved for her through previous generations.

Priscilla is gifted to work with children and youth bringing them into the fullness of their destinies, cultivating the gifts and callings in their lives, and loves to facilitate a place for them to hear the voice of the Lord.

She moves in the prophetic and the Spirit of Counsel, mentoring believers all over the world to walk in the fullness of the Spirit and imparting a love for the Word of God.

She served with MorningStar Ministries for 15 years in many roles within the ministry: a member of administrative staff, a leader in the womenā€™s ministry, head of the Bible Department for upperclassmen in the Comenius School for Creative Leadership, and supported MorningStar as a watchman and intercessor.

Priscilla and her husband, Emil, now have their own ministry and travel nationally and internationally. They spend time in various nations leading prayer journeys, ministering and discipling believers to walk in true intimacy with Jesus.

Priscilla and Emil have 3 children; Victoria-Joy, Jonathan-Blake, and Malakey-Wells.

ABANA ministries is co-founded by her and her husband Emil. (ABANA is an Arabic word, translated as, "our Father." God the Father is Father to all. This name chosen to decree peace and love between brothers; both Isaac and Ishmael in representation of all Jewish family and Arabian people's. Abraham, father of both Isaac and Ishmael understood and saw what father would accomplish in the future.)